Incorporating Optonet Vision Unit into the testing room

Mini PC


Free Mini PC

The Optonet Vision Unit is compatible with any computer and operating system, and it even works with Android TV/media players.

If you do not have a computer to display the charts for distance vision, upon subscribing to the Optonet Unit, we will provide you with a complimentary Mini Computer** (similar to the one shown in the picture). This device is ideal for displaying distance vision tests.

Simply connect it to the HDMI port of your monitor and mount it on the back (refer to the image on the left) to transform the monitor into a cutting-edge digital vision charts system. This setup can replace or supplement the projector in your testing room.

**Note: This offer is subject to certain terms and conditions.



A regular monitor is all that is required for a high-quality display of the Optonet Vision Unit charts.

Charts for assessing binocular vision will require standard red/blue filters* (available upon request).

A screen size of around 21” to 27″ is optimal for clinical practice. 

Full HD screen resolution (1920×1080 px) is necessary for excellent image sharpness, and IPS technology is ideal for high-quality contrast sensitivity displays.

Built-in speakers can also be useful to hear the beeps that indicate chart changes.

Finally, if you are interested in mounting the monitor on a wall, ensure that it is compatible with a VESA mounting system.

*Additional details regarding the availability of red/blue filters can be provided as needed.


The Optonet Vision Unit additionally provides the capability to display visual acuity (VA) and binocular vision charts in a polarized version for users with a passive 3D monitor. However, it’s important to note that passive 3D monitors are no longer readily available in conventional computer stores. These specialized monitors are now made-to-order in China, and their cost is typically higher than that of a standard screen. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact Optonet.

Near Vision


For near vision assessments, we recommend using a tablet with a screen size of about 10 inches and Full HD resolution (1920×1200 px). It is important to select a model from a well-established commercial brand to guarantee that the display quality is reliable and undistorted.

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