Incorporating Optonet Vision Unit into the testing room

Android TV


Android mini-PC

As an introductory offer package*, when subscribing to the Optonet Vision Unit you will receive a free Android mini-PC (similar to the one shown here), to display the tests for far distance viewing.

This mini-PC can be connected directly to your monitor (cable enclosed). A remote control is also included, and already programmed to control the OVU menus. Optonet will also send you a mini retro-illuminated keyboard.


Offer only available for the UK and USA



A regular monitor is all that is required for a high-quality display of Optonet Vision Unit test. Charts for the assessment of binocular vision will require standard red/blue filters* (available under request).

A screen size of around 24”-27″ is optimal for clinical practice. However, a larger sized monitor would allow displaying an increased number of lower VA letters at once.

Full HD screen resolution (1920×1080 px) is required for excellent image sharpness; and IPS technology is ideal for high quality contrast sensitivity displays.

Built-in speakers may also be handy, to hear the bleeps that indicate test changes.

Finally, if interested in mounting the monitor on a wall, make sure a VESA system is incorporated.

The Optonet Vision Unit also offers the option of displaying VA and binocular tests in a polarized version for those who have a passive 3D monitor. However, passive 3D monitors are no longer available in conventional computer stores, they are only made to order in China and their price is higher than a conventional screen. For more information, please contact Optonet.

Near Vision


For near vision assessment, we recommend a tablet of about 10” in size, and Full HD resolution (1920×1200 px). (It is important to choose a model from a well stablished commercial brand, to ensure displays will not be distorted).

Free Trial

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