Optonet Ltd

Optonet Limited is a company dedicated to Continuing Education, Research, Development and Innovation in Optometry and Vision Sciences.

The company started in Spain in 2004 and moved to the UK in 2014. Its directors are former Optometry University lecturers (in Madrid): Dr Guillermo Bueno-del-Romo, Optom, MSc, PhD (UK) & Teresa Matilla-Rodríguez, Optom, MSc.

Optonet is delighted to share with UK eye healthcare professionals (and the rest of the world) its long experience in the development of eye care digital tools, which has resulted in the creation of the Optonet Vision Unit.

Guillermo Bueno-del-Romo

Guillermo Bueno-del-Romo


Guillermo’s pioneering vision drove Optonet to become the first company to provide online CET courses for optometrists in Spain, taking a leading position in the sector for over a decade. With a solid scientific background, he has also been developing digital vision units that integrate traditional and standardized charts with innovations proposed by new research. Guillermo’s ethos to promote excellence in primary eye care through CET courses and developing high quality updated digital tools for professionals and researchers has had great impact in Spain. Prior to that, he worked as a senior lecturer in Clinical Optometry for a decade at the Complutense University in Madrid.

BSc Optometry, Complutense University of Madrid
MSc Optometry (distinction) University of Bradford, UK
PhD Optometry, University of Bradford, UK
Former senior Optometry Lecture, Complutense University of Madrid

Teresa Matilla-Rodríguez

M Teresa Matilla-Rodriguez


Teresa has been creating innovative CET courses for optometrists for nearly 30 years, and has been leading the sector over that time by adapting course contents to the changing professional needs, and the course formats by incorporating digital technologies.

She has combined her role in Optonet with clinical work as Optometrist in the UK, which has provided her with a practical perspective that she has brought to the design and development of Optonet Vision Units. She is a vocal advocate of the Evidence Based approach to vision care and supports the use of quality standardized charts in clinical settings. Prior to Optonet, Teresa run the department of Clinical Optometry as a senior lecturer for five years at the European University of Madrid.

BSc Optometry, Complutense University of Madrid
MSc Optometry, University of Bradford, UK
Former senior Optometry Lecture, European University of Madrid
Registered with the British General Optical Council since 1993