Optonet Vision Unit

A Web-based software

for the eye care professional

Eye Care Examination

Eye Examination

For Testing Room, Domiciliary and Tele-Consultation

Vision Therapy


Automated Procedures for Clinic and Home 

Multi-Platform services

All-In-One web-based solution for…

Sight Testing

Sight Testing

A comprehensive battery of high-quality vision charts for sight testing, both at distance and near vision…

Child Vision Screening

Child Vision Screening

Special tests and features for easy children’s vision screening also suitable outside the testing room or remotely…



Office-based and Home-based (remotely supervised) treatments with automated feedback for binocular vision anomalies…



Innovative system for remote consultation that allows secure remote display of vision charts on the patient’s computer…

…with top features such as…


logMAR Visual Acuity

Free logMAR VA Charts

Standardised VA charts (ETDRS) with user-friendly automated measuring system…

Binocular Vision

Binocular Vision

Arguably the most complete suite of charts for binocular assessment…

Smart Case History

Smart History

Computer-guided case History and tentative diagnosis for both in-office or virtual triage…

Electronic Record

Electronic Records

Electronic patient records; safely stored in the cloud for access via remote connection…


Vision Tests


Optonet Vision Unit Features


OVU is a Web-based platform which does not require installation (it is accessed through the Chrome browser in https://ubm.optonet.es/).

In the case of Tablets (Android or iPad) the OVU is downloaded from their Store.

And it still works if you lose Internet connection!

Web-based application

Universally Compatible

OVU is compatible with every digital devices (PCs, Android TVs, Tablets, and iPad), and any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

It allows automated updates and online access to the charts and clinical data from any digital device and any location.

Readily available and sercure online backup for peace of mind.

Suitable for any digital device

Scientific background

The design of all the charts and features in the Optonet Vision Unit is deeply rooted on research data (whenever available), and have been created under strict scientific and quality control.

In addition, in Optonet we strive to keep up to date with past and new research developments in eye care, and to incorporate them to the Optonet Vision Unit.

ISO Standards – Compliance

Orthoptics / Vision Therapy

The unit incorporates a suit of orthoptic exercises with automated feedback, that can be used as part of the therapy protocol for the treatment of convergence insufficiency, validated by the Convergence Insufficiency Clinical Trial.

The Home Therapy feature offers the professional remote control and monitoring of the exercises prescribed for the patient, to be done at home.

High tech computerized orthoptic treatments

Remote Ophthalmic Triage System (DOTS)

This is a unique feature in the Optonet Vision Unit, that combines:

  • An interactive Smart Case History
  • Remote display and handling of vision charts for the patient to view at home, on their computer
  • Electronic records for safe keeping and easy online access

Funded by Innovate UK (Project in progress)

Locum Optometrist

Easy access makes it ideal for the locum optometrists who wants to have a more complete suit of charts (e.g. binocular vision or logMAR) at their disposal from their tablet or laptop.

Also, the Interactive Case History can prove a useful tool to remind of essential key questions for a thorough systematic approach to clinical history taking.

Ideal tool for the locum Optometrist


The OVU is a useful tool for researches, as it allows customizing several features in the design of its charts. It also incorporates charts that may have shown research value, even if they are not generally used (yet) in clinical settings (e.g.: Vanishing Optotypes).

Online access of the Unit also permits collecting uniform research data from different clinical settings for multi-centre analysis.

Tool for researchers

A dynamic system for eye care

The Optonet Vision Unit is continually evolving to adapt to the professional’s needs, through the user’s feedback.

We welcome any suggestion to improve this system to best meet any needs arising in clinical or research eye care environments.

Designed by eye care professionals

Digital remote-control

Tablet as a remote controller (Android/ iPad)

A tablet can be paired with the distance vision chart in the testing room, or to the patient’s computer in remote consultation, to be used as a remote controller. The tablet will display the replica of the charts viewed by the patient.


Internationally Prestigious Ophthalmological, Research centres and Universities that trust Optonet Vision Unit:

Murcia University
Valencia University
Instituto de Óptica Daza de Valdés
Innovate UK

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