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2.4.Parameters #

Once the test has been selected, we need to introduce all the parameters for that exercise, just as we do to define exercises for the consulting room.

Let us go through the process in this example:

We select Day 1, click on Add Programmed Test, then on the Horizontal Stereo-Global Vergences test. A menu will then open, where we can establish the following parameters:

    • Mode: Therapy or Amplitude
    • Type of Vergence: Convergence, Divergence or Flexibility.
    • Duration of the exercise
    • Steps: the number of prismatic dioptres that are increased in each step.
    • Type of image observed by the patient in stereopsis, when achieving binocular fusion (overcoming vergence demand).



Once the parameters for the exercise have been set up, do not forget to click on Save. Now there is one task in the program for Day 1; and below we can see it consists on an exercise for Horizontal Stereo-Global Convergence.




If we now click on the exercise (Stereo-Global Horizontal), it gets highlighted in green:


Select Test


and at the bottom of the screen, a menu is activated with several options:


Therapy Menu


    • Edit Programmed Test, in case we want to modify the test and / or its parameters
    • Clone to Another Day, that is very useful to copy this exercise to any other day of the week. We can indicate the day (from 1 to 7) to which we want to copy the exercise
    • Delete Programmed Test, in case we want to erase it from the program
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