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2.6.Login Credentials for the patient #

Once the exercises have been assigned, we can generate a username and password for the patient to access the program of home therapy. These keys must be unique, so we recommend introducing the patient’s email as their username, as shown in this example:


Patient Login


Next, the program asks for the Start and End Dates of the home Therapy program, to indicate the period in which the Home Therapy will be available for the patient (afterwards the patient will no longer have access to the exercises).

The only Vision Therapy Protocol validated through randomized clinical trials for Convergence Insufficiency (carried out by the multidisciplinary CITT research group)1 requires at least 12 weeks of therapy, with one or more sessions of Office-based Therapy per week, along with Home-based Therapy during a minimum of 5 days per week.

Therefore, when entering the start date, the program automatically calculates the end date for 12 weeks later; but we can manually change the number of weeks, if required.

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