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Optonet Vision Unit is a software for vision care professionals, with a comprehensive suite of charts to assess logMAR Visual Acuity (VA) in adults and children, Clinical Refraction, Binocular Vision, Ishihara Colour Vision, and Ocular Health (including Visual Field screening). It also incorporates Orthoptic Exercises (Vision Training) for both in-practice and home, and an interactive Smart History to assist triaging, together with Digital Records.

The Optonet Unit is highly versatile and features tools for easier and more accurate collection of clinical data, such as automated logMAR VA recording, binocular exercises with auto feedback, unsupervised field testing or Ishihara interpretation of results.

The Optonet system can be displayed on virtually any digital device and be readily calibrated for any viewing distance, making it ideal for clinical settings, domiciliary visits, and now also to assess visual function during remote video consultations.

Optonet also pioneers home vision testing with a system developed in partnership with Innovate UK and NHS Forth Valley that has shown to be as precise for ETDRS VA remotely as standard ETDRS charts in the clinic.

With Optonet the clinician can display and control vision charts on the patient’s device (computer, tablet or phone) during video consultations, while patient’s screen and viewing distance are calibrated automatically (using AI facial detection technology), so patients are not asked to measure anything.

Optonet Vision Unit unifies all these tools in just one easy-to-use system: an app to replace them all!

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