Optonet Vision Unit Documentation

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1.QuickStart Guide (in 5 steps) #


Optonet Vision Unit is a medical software for vision healthcare professionals, that compiles a comprehensive battery of high-quality vision charts for sight testing, both at distance and near vision, including the assessment of logMAR Visual Acuity (VA), Clinical Refraction, Binocular Vision and Ocular Health. It also incorporates a suit for both Office-based and Home-based Vision Therapy (Orthoptics) and a Smart History tool for a systematic history taking focused on triaging (with safe online record keeping).

The Vision Unit is highly versatile and features innovative clinical tools, such as automated VA measurement, special tests and features for easy Children’s Vision Screening or Orthoptic exercises with built-in feedback, for the treatment of Convergence Insufficiency.

The charts in the Unit are ideal for the consulting room as well as for Remote Consultation (Tele-Optometry): allows safe remote connection to the patient’s home computer/tablet to display and manage vision charts (ideal to use in combination with the Smart History on the phone). Orthoptic exercises can also be prescribed and monitored remotely for home therapy.

The Unit can be calibrated for any viewing distance with high precision.

The Optonet Vision Unit unifies all these tools in just one easy-to-use application.

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