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Standardization of Visual Acuity

Free logMAR VA Charts for Healthcare

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Free logMAR VA Charts

Superior to traditional ETDRS charts


The Optonet Vision Unit (OVU) allows several repeated measures to be taken quickly, to improve precision.

Letters can be changed randomly infinite times, thus avoiding memorization.

Random logMAR Visual Acuity
Visual Acuity Monitoring


Quick repeated measures also enable to identify the patient’s individual criterion for change to monitor VA changes over time.

The OVU does this automatically, calculating mean and standard deviation.


The Vision Unit offers the option of half steps of letter size changes (0.05 log instead of 1.0 log), to increase accuracy.

Half Steps Visual Acuity

Compatibility and Accessibility

It a progressive hybrid web-based app that can be accessed from any computer or tablet and can be displayed on any conventional computer screen.


Scoring System

It offers an easy automated system to record patient’s answers that is faster and minimizes calculation errors.

VA values can be automatically stored in the patient’s file, thus avoiding transcription errors


Measurement Time

Modified procedures can easily be adopted to reduce measurement time.

Both, the automated scoring and storing system also reduce measurement time.


Computer screens provide better background luminance and durability than printed charts on illuminated cabinets.

logMAR Visual Acuity
Android TV

Cost Efficiency

The OVU can be displayed on pre-existing equipment; or the clinic can purchase unexpensive equipment, such as an Android TV device (costing around £50) together with a conventional screen (27” size monitor can be found for just £135). A traditional complete ETDRS system with printed letter charts costs around £1,500; and is not as durable.

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